First was London, then came France, now it's Spain without their pants. The naked dining trend is spreading, and the Canary Islands are the next nude restaurant hotspot.

Innato Tenerife will be Spain’s first naked dining option, which arrives after the success of London’s nudie eatery, The Bunyadi. The bold idea comes from Italian hotelier and restaurateur, Tony de Leonardis, who looks to bring local, organic food to the table, along with fine wine from Spain’s local vineyards.

The clothes-free space will feel a little Adam and Eve, decorated with local foliage and fruit trees and lit entirely by candlelight — the most flattering lighting for such an occasion. Fortunately, the restaurant won’t discriminate if you don’t want to be naked, but diners are really encouraged to strip down completely to take part in the full experience of their meal.

The restaurant will open on January 20, 2017, and is already inviting potential diners to reserve seats at 44 tables. Let’s just hope the chairs are comfy... and, um, wiped down between guests.