Casa Vicens Gaudi Barcelona first house opening

Antoni Gaudí's name is virtually synonymous with Barcelona, thanks to his unique neo-Gothic style and the masterpiece that is the Sagrada Familia. The monumental cathedral has recently entered its last stage of construction, more than 90 years after Gaudí himself passed away – and continues to serve as the biggest tourist attraction in the city. But if you're a architecture fan who despises crowds, an even better option to get up close and personal with the maestro's work will soon be available.

The Casa Vicens was the very first house designed by Gaudí and has long been a UNESCO-protected site – and now it will finally become open to the public. Commissioned by businessman Manel Vicens in 1883 as a summer home, the red- and turquoise-tiled building at 24 Carolines Street has been renovated and restored to its original glory, both inside and outside.

Slated for an Autumn 2017 opening date, the intricately-designed work of art will serve as a museum. While there's no word yet on its exact opening date or hours, photos of Casa Vicens' Art Nouveau beauty proves that it will be the next Barcelona icon.


Looking for more Gaudí? VIVA took an incredible aerial tour of the Sagrada Familia: