It’s basically impossible to go to Sydney, Australia without hitting up one of their ridiculously good-looking beaches. Sydney’s newest beach, however, is pretty far removed from the sandy oasis you might be expecting.

New York-based art and architecture collaboration Snarkitecture is bringing their latest project, “The Beach,” to the upcoming Sydney Festival that starts January 7th. However, this beach will actually be a giant ball pit, in fact, it'll be the biggest one in the world. In total, the pit will be filled with 1.1 million translucent, recyclable, plastic balls. This monochromatic sea of childlike wonder will measure 200 feet by 75 feet, with a mirrored wall on one side (to make the ball pit look infinite) and a shoreline on the other side that will be filled with beach chairs ripe for lounging.

If you’re pumped about this (we would be worried about you if you weren’t), you have a few different options. First, everyone will have free access from 10am to 5pm. If you’re looking for something more solid though, you can buy tickets that will guarantee your spot. You can get tickets for the all-ages morning session at 9am ($15), or the adult-only evening sessions on Fridays and Saturdays (also $15).

If you can't contain your excitement and want a sneak peak, check out how cool the ball pit looked in Washington DC: