Astrology Hotel

Astrology, or the belief that the stars can guide our future, isn't a concept that everyone can get on board with. Personalized travel plans, however, totally are. Now combining the two comes a hotel in Sydney, Australia, creating itineraries for travelers of different signs, so that they can get the most of where they eat, drink, and explore on their trip.

Located in a heritage building in the city's Chinatown district, The Ultimo Hotel goes all out with astrology-based tour guides, daily horoscopes, and even tea to match the guest's star sign. Rooms vary from the simplistic Ultimo Single to the lavish Ultimo Courtyard, and can even accommodate pets (you know, if the stars so align that you should take them with you). 

As for the actual itineraries, they've been made in partnership with Astrologer Damian Rocks, and aim to create experiences that help guests to feel more aligned with their individual sign. Take Sagittarius, for example. If your symbol is the archer, you're encouraged to eat an authentic Italian pizza at Da Orazio in Bondi, admire the Art Gallery NSW, and take a plunge at the gorgeous North Sydney Olympic Pool

Alternatively, a Gemini would be recommended to try the underground bar Palmer & Co, an Aries would be directed to Oxford Street for retail therapy, and a Pisces would be tipped off about a pay-what-you-feel vegetarian restaurant with local art. Whether you partake in the suggestion or not is of course up to you, but why not humor destiny and check out what might just be meant to be?

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