view down the hall of the capsules at Sydney's Capsule Hotel

If you've ever watched a sci-fi movie where the character's sleep in singular 'pods', prepare to be pretty astonished. The concept is not only real, but it's officially made its way out of Japan. 

Sydney is now home to its very first Capsule Hotel, where guests book a 'capsule' as opposed to a room, or even a bunk. Part hostel, part hotel, the capsules are modern and fully private, equipped with a universal power outlet, USB ports, a TV screen, dimmable LED mood lighting, a secure safe, a mirror, air conditioning, and a latex mattress. There's also an individual locker allocated to each guest to store their things.

Outside of your 'pod' is where the privacy ends, however. Here, unisex bathrooms are shared and kitchen facilities are open to everyone. There's also a large terrace and library, if your 'room' starts to feel slightly too small.

The price per night reflects the futuristic blend of accommodation options, with it being slightly more expensive than a hostel, but also cheaper than a hotel room. The result? A simple $50 per capsule, or $65 per double. In our books, that's certainly worth a try. 

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