Brooke Webb from KB Styled siting down smiling posing with a beautiful white hat

We all know festival season isn't just about the music and the acts; rather, it's about the fashion. Shopping months in advance of a big event, our minds are filled with fringe, metallic tattoos, embellished booties, and vintage cut-offs. But the thing is, what you wear to one festival doesn't always play out as well for another. In fact, different cities can (and often do) have different styles. So what's the best way to get the inside scoop on foreign festival style? A local fashion blogger, of course.

Introducing Brooke Webb of KBStyled. A Nashville-based blogger and confessed lover of accessories, Brooke always knows where to find the best scores on a budget. So as Bonnaroo's dates of June 8 to 11 quickly close in, we're turning to her for a little help. What do you pack for Bonnaroo Tennessee?

Tell us about your blog! What is your inspiration, and how has it grown?
KBStyled was created with the every day woman in mind... it is a destination for women of all ages to come for style inspiration with a side of family, fitness, beauty, and travel. KBStyled has grown significantly within the last 2 1/2 years and has become a top Nashville-based style blog. I find inspiration through a variety of avenues and my goal is to provide affordable attainable style inspiration to others.

Living just outside of Nashville, how would you describe the city’s fashion scene?
Nashville's fashion scene is constantly evolving and I'm proud to say our city's style is a bit more elevated than it has been in years past. I've only lived here for 5 years but I've personally witnessed Nashville's style evolution, particularly within the last several years. Nashville is a city that encourages creativity and fosters an environment for creative minds... it is exciting to see that creativity expressed through fashion. I'd describe our fashion scene as urban chic... casually chic with an edge.

We’ve heard you love accessories. Where are your go-to places in Nashville or online to score on good fashion?
I'm definitely an accessory girl... whether it is statement jewels, a unique handbag, or a something as simple as a great hat, I think accessories are necessary to complete any look. I shop all over for my accessories... I love finding unique pieces and I spend a lot of time scouring Shopbop's website.

Let's talk Bonnaroo! As a Stylist, what fashion and beauty staples would you recommend to festival goers?

For any festival goer there are a few staples that I recommend... a great hat (think wide-brim straw hat or something similar), a chic pair of shades, a small backpack, and a great pair of light ankle booties.

What items can be left behind?
Leave behind the layers and/or the extra clothing that you just don't need. I don't recommend layering (let's be's HOT) and I don't recommend that you tie anything around your waist unless you plan to keep it tied around your waist the entire time and keep up with it. Minimal is the way to go...keep your look simple, comfortable, and cool!

Which artists in the lineup are you most excited to see live at Bonnaroo?
I'm most excited to see U2, The Weekend, and Lorde...I'm also looking forward to being introduced to several new artists too.

What tunes should we add to our travel playlist en route to the fest? 
Mumford & Sons is a must add to your playlist if you don't already listen to them!

Are there any other events coming up in Nashville you’re looking forward to?
I'm most looking forward to Nashville's summer concert series!

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*Image Credit: Photographer Madi Flournoy Henderson (@madiflo)