Everyone loves a good state fair. Whether it's the ridiculous rides or the exclusive attractions that bring you in, the food is always there — ready, waiting and practically begging to be tried. And with the creativity increasing year after year, we've tasted our way through some of the best, wierdest, and most straight-up insane. From Calgary's annual stampede to Toronto's CNE, it's time for the State Fair of Texas to take its turn. Maybe they're bigger, maybe they're better, but you'll have to read on to find out just what makes these top 8 foods so much more outrageous than the rest.

Deep Fried Bacon Burger Dog Slider-on-a-Stick

If you tend to skip the side salad to accompany your burger with fries instead, you're going to love this killer combination. A miniature ground beef patty is stuffed with cheese, bacon, and — get this — an all-beef hot dog before it's skewered and deep fried in tempura batter. As if not having to compromise between burger and hotdog wasn't great enough, it's served on a bed of fries just like any, regular burger. You really can have your fries and eat 'em, too. 

Caribbean Pineapple Korn-a-Copia

The picture of this one alone has us drooling. Served in a half-pineapple shell, this Caribbean treat is bursting with exotic, fresh flavors that you'll continue craving for days after you've tried it. Yellow fried rice is topped with tropical salsa and pineapple rum glaze (um, yum) and then finished with both marinated grilled chicken and shrimp. The key, it seems, is that you never need choose between spicy, sweet, salty, or proteins — just have them all!

Deep Fried Pulled Pork "Funyun" Dings

Okay, so the Funyun is nothing new, but what's been done with them certainly is. As delicious as it is creative, the traditional crunchy snack is stuffed with pulled pork, cheese, pineapple and bacon before it's put right back in the deep fryer. Served with a multilayered BBQ sauce that's more sweet than smoky, it's like the ultimate chip that's been one-upped to offer next-level satisfaction.  

Fernie's Down Home Chicken Pot Pie Pocket

Leading into fall, we're starting to hear comfort food calling our name. And what's better than digging into a hearty chicken pot pie or creamy bowl of mac and cheese? Nothing, that's what. Now, the two foods have met, and we couldn't think of anything better to combine. Think chunks of roast chicken breast, tender potatoes and veggies ladled into a savory cream sauce and placed into a fresh, flaky pastry. Dipped in a mac and cheese-inspired sauce, we're in heaven.

Fried Jell-O

Maybe it's the nostalgia, but this childhood favorite always seems to put a smile on our faces. What used to be a simple gelatin-centric dish has been re-vamped into a multi-textured dessert comprised of Jello-O, a panko-bred crust and powdered sugar. Once assembled, the treat is flash-fried to give it just enough crunch to compensate the jiggle. 

Injectable Great Balls of BBQ

For those looking to get their hands on something hot, these savory snacks are like a miniature barbecue party in your mouth. Smoke-crusted beef brisket is doused in bock BBQ sauce and formed into balls before being breaded, seasoned and deep fried to perfection. If you like things extra-saucy, the bites come with an injectable stash of even more bock, while the bed of coleslaw rounds out the dish to keep your tastebuds on their toes. 

Southern Fried Chicken & Dumplins

There's a reason the south is so hospitable. Comfort foods like chicken, gravy and dumplings warm the heart as much as the stomach, and now they're coming to the fair in bite-size bits. Traditional turns modern as shredded chicken is mixed with seasonings and dough before being deep-fried to a delectable golden brown. Served up with a side of dipping gravy, we've never been happier to see so much flavor in such small form. 

Cookie Fries

Similar to Jell-O, cookies have always been very near to our hearts. And when it comes to anything deep fried, nothing beats the sinfully good simplicity of a steaming batch of fries. Crinkle cut and served with strawberry or milk chocolate sauce, these cookie fries are a playful combination of two tasty treats. Offered in chocolate chip or sprinkles, which will you choose?