western couple on a motorbike in an exotic country

Travel insurance is one of those things that we, as adults, are supposed to have. That said, we tend to risk it. Logically speaking, $20 up front is a whole lot better than millions after the fact, but even still, it isn't usually the priority. Having fun is, am I right? And nothing bad is actually going to happen...

But now for those planning a trip to Thailand, you may have no choice but to add travel insurance to your budget. A proposal to make holiday coverage mandatory for visitors is being considered by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and if it goes through you'll have to show your documents at the immigration counter upon arrival to the country.

It's the reckless and accident-prone that seem to have ruined it for the rest of us. In 2015, the 32.59 million visitors cost Thailand nearly three billion baht (€78.3 million/$88.2 million) in medical treatments at state hospitals. That’s roughly 92 baht (€2.40/$2.70) per person, which is kind of a lot when you consider that they have already had over 14 million visitors this year.

If you’re not planning a trip to Thailand soon, you should be. The asian country boasts tropical beaches, historic sites, a bustling city life, friendly locals, and mouth-watering food. Whether you’re looking to chill, party, or go on an adventure, you’ll be right at home in Thailand. Just try and be careful (or pay to be carefree).

While in Thailand, definitely stop by Hug Elephant Sanctuary.