Kao Sok National Park lake and villagers sheds

Whether you explore Thung Salaeng Luang National Park in the north or Khao Sok National Park in the south, there's no doubting Thailand's landscapes are beautiful. But with a record-breaking number of 32.6 million tourists in 2016, the country has had to make some changes, and that means closing some national parks.

Out of Thailand's 147 national parks, a whopping 61 are set to be closed. This includes those in the Similan Islands, the Koh Phi Phi islands, and the Koh Ha islets. Apparently the gorgeous lagoon known as Maya Beach (featured in the film The Beach with our main man Leo) will remain open, despite the fact that people have been severely damaging the reefs.

For the fourth consecutive year, the closures fall in line with the country's monsoon season, and is luckily only temporary. Apparently, they not only act as a way to protect people from dangerous weather conditions, but also allow parks time to restore their ecological balance (which is best timed for the wet season).

Most likely this will take at least five months, with the majority of the parks reopening between October and December. Considering another 9 million people are set to visit these parks, we think a little time off is definitely warranted.

Heading to Thailand during these dates? You can still visit Hug Elephant Sanctuary.