Mario Kart

Since we were kids and button-mashed our Nintendo 64 controllers, we've dreamed about what it would be like to actually partake in Mario Kart. After all, racing through the streets in a comically small car whilst throwing banana peels at others sounds way better than our regular morning commute. While we can only wish that road rage was so simple, it looks as though we may actually have a chance to finally experience this fantasy in real life. Yes, there's a Mario Kart-themed go-kart tour in Tokyo that takes you through the busy city streets. 

Dubbed MariCAR, you can either ride with a group of privately. You rent a go-cart, decked out with bodywork, spoilers, decals, and neon lights to mimic its Mario Kart counterpart. Guests are encouraged to dress up like their favorite character when they ride, and you are welcome to listen to whatever music you want. Considering the situation, we can’t really think of anything better than the classic Mario Kart theme song, but if you don’t feel like getting it stuck in your head for the rest of the trip, you can turn on something else.

In order to ride, you need either a valid Japanese driver’s license, an International Driving permit, or one of the handful of other acceptable forms of identification. Tokyo is always on our list of must-try places to visit, and this just solidified their spot on that list.