If you've ever watched Transformers while on drugs, you might have a slight idea of what to expect at Japan's Robot Restaurant. Housed in a venue in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo that reportedly cost $10 million USD to create, the venue is embellished with 12,000 lights, glitter, metallics, and a multitude of colors. The entryway alone is a total sensory overload, and as you descend a set of stairs, you'll encounter an equally strange elevator before venturing into the show room itself. 

Not quite a restaurant in the traditional sense, the Robot Restaurant defies categorization, mixing a bento dinner with a show of robotic monsters, bikini-clad dancers, and lasers. Split into four parts, the show takes around an hour to complete, and oftentimes differs from one night to the next. Echoed on more than 200 44-inch screens that surround the stage (ceiling included), there are around 30 full-time dancers, all aged between 19 and 30, and each will dance, fight, or even play traditional Taiko drums to an energetic playlist of music. 

The concept supposedly came after the 2011 earthquake, which at 9.1 in magnitude was the largest to ever hit Japan. As part of the effort to help the country recover, a robot themed cabaret-restaurant was born, and has been going strong ever since. At this point, the Robot Restaurant is just as much a tourist destination in Japan as the Tokyo Tower or any one of the country's beautiful shrines. As more money gets poured into the attraction by tourists, the more insane it becomes, with bigger, better, and more badass robots every year. 

But enough of us telling you about the experience. To truly understand the Robot Restaurant, you need to live it for yourself. And if you can't quite hop a flight to Tokyo just like that, then you're in luck — we had our talented vlogger Alina McLeod capture her own experience to share it with you. Check her out on Youtube and be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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