If you find yourself in Tokyo’s Narita Airport when nature calls, you’re in for quite a treat. Yes, that sentence may sound a little strange, but while you do your business you can can wipe your phone screen with smartphone-specific toilet paper, thanks to Japanese mobile provider NTTDoCoMo.

It might seem unnecessary, but smart phones are said to carry more than five times the germs found on a toilet seat. Each sheet of miniature paper you pull off the adorable little holder not only cleans, but also has instructions on how to connect to the airport’s free wifi. In addition to that, the wipes can tell you where to go for an interactive travel guide that provides travel information and translation services. When you’re done, you'll be well informed, and your phone will be rid of those pesky fingerprints, if only for a matter of minutes. 

There are 86 bathrooms in total with these phone toilet paper holders at Narita, and they will remain there until March 15th, 2017. We never would have thought to use toilet paper to pass on information and advertise, but since it combines two practical functions (reading material and a cleaning agent) we're totally loving it.