If you're looking for some wizarding fun to help magic away January's dullness, you're in luck: a full-on Harry Potter party is coming to Toronto. That's right, US-based group The Appreciation Society is hosting what looks to be one epic event at downtown nightclub, The Phoenix on February 2.

We don't know a whole lot more info yet, but we know the important stuff, and that's that Butter Beer and Fire Whisky shots are being served (plus the usual Muggle beers on tap). Oh, and upon arrival you and your friends will be sorted into houses and given Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco masks. The DJ hasn't been announced yet, but until it is, ready yourself by checking the event's Facebook page and buying a ticket. They cost $12, and can be purchased here.

We're not saying the party is gonna look exactly like the films, but fingers crossed it's just as spellbindingly wondrous...