Whether it's popcorn, thighs, wings, or strips, fried chicken is the bomb. And while some trendy restaurants have taken the dish to a whole new level, others like KFC just keep making the stuff, well, finger lickin' good. 

It's the kind of thing we want late at night, after drinks, or while we watch the game. And as great as it is to grab a bucket and go, it would be even better to make it at home whenever the craving hits. Luckily, the world's first KFC cooking school is opening in Toronto, which means soon we actually can make it ourselves.

According to a recent article by BlogTO, the classes will take place at 2383 Kingston Road in Scarborough, with tickets available as of February 27th. We're expecting the course to cover everything from breading to frying, but sadly, those exclusive 11 herbs and spices will forever remain a mystery. After all, the Colonel himself is quoted as saying "to me, my recipes are priceless."

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