Toronto's latest dessert to hit the market has been received with open arms — and open mouths. Combining all kinds of crazy, Peace Treats is a brand new gourmet milkshake bar located at 131 Ossington Avenue, inside the Toronto Peace Collective flagship store.

The shakes, which are at a reasonable price of $8.50 each, are truly a multi-sensory experience. Not only do they taste like heaven in your mouth, but they're visually stunning, like a cartoon animation of the perfect, drool-worthy desert. Options range from the 'Go Shawty It's Your Birthday' (a vanilla milkshake with a legit slice of cake on top) to 'Big Pimpin', a specialty strawberry shake covered in candy. Of course, donut lovers have to try the 'D.R.E.A.M.' (donuts rule everything around me), with its mini donuts towered on a vanilla shake. Lastly, if you like cotton candy, the 'Amusement Park' rocks a cotton candy milkshake base with even more of the fluffy stuff on top.

Open seven days a week, you can grab a shake after brunch, lunch or whenever it suits your fancy. If you're not into the crazy, there's still classic shakes like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Keep an eye on the menu, though, as its supposed to offer new innovative treats every month. 

As the Peace Treats motto says, 'Go ahead Treat Yo' Self' — we couldn't agree more.