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In addition to enjoying longer evenings, warmer days, and obligatory brunch plans, summer makes for the perfect time to visit music festivals. And of all the festivals both old and new, Glastonbury 2017 tickets top the list as some of the most coveted, particularly of Britain’s festival season. Here's everything you need to know to make the most of what you've paid for.

How to get there

Glastonbury itself is a small town in the UK which fully accommodates music-lovers for their journey and arrival to the venue. With choices of airports, bus routes, motorways, and trains, there is no one way to arrive. English locals can drive across the M4 motorway or fly into Bristol Airport from anywhere within the UK. If arriving from overseas, Paddington Station in London hosts multiple trains to Bristol Temple Meads.

Those driving will catch a myriad of small towns along the way, reminding you just how quaint some parts of England are. Fortunate travelers can catch Stonehenge off the A303 — just make sure to turn your radio up to get in the mood!

Where to stay

To get the full experience of Glastonbury you'll want to camp with other guests. It guarantees your chances of meeting some of the most interesting people in the world, from young students celebrating the end of their exams to festival veterans who bring their young children. The open and friendly environment promises interactions with individuals who share the same passion that you do! Since 2013, Glastonbury offers Worthy View – a pre-erected camping site that is situated just a short walk away from the site.

For those who prefer some home comforts (like a bed or a shower), Glastonbury hosts a wide variety of authentic B&B’s just outside the site. These locations help local economies and provides a quiet and relaxed break from the constant partying. We don’t believe you’ll want to leave, but the option is there just in case.

Which Artists to Catch

Glastonbury has hosted some of the most influential artists in the world. It is an opportunity to experience amazing shows, intimate performances, or full-on dance raves. This year, Ed Sheeran is headlining the festival with a performance on the Pyramid Stage. A British icon, he will be sure to perform some of his biggest hits that evoke positive and sombre emotions with his moving lyrics (because we all like a good cry sometimes, right?).

If raving is more your scene, performances from Kaiser Chiefs, Stomzy, and Dizzee Rascal will bring out the dancer in you. These stages are often reserved for the high-energy guests who party straight into the sunrise. The music performances are the perfect opportunity to escape the normalities of real life and spread some Instagram FOMO to your ex who *ahem* decided to remain friends with you – show them what they’re missing!

What to Eat

If driving, chances are you'll pack plenty of food and beverages to entertain and feed your friends. That said, we all crave that midnight snack or desire a local dish when exploring new places. The festival itself hosts a bunch of food stalls offering local dishes and greasy burgers. For the more adventurous eaters, certain areas provide more exotic cuisines, such as far eastern dishes and grub from the wild west. There are over 250 food stalls located across multiple locations, so be sure to venture around the place and see what tickles your taste buds.

What to Pack

Depending on whether you're camping or lodging, you’re going to want to bring some basics with you. This varies on what you prioritize as important, of course. Some people will take nothing but the clothes on their back, whereas others will pack as much Nurofen, hand sanitizer, and Berroca as possible. Be aware that if you need anything, you will have to leave the camp site and possibly miss some of your favourite performers. We recommend bringing a pair of wellies (just in case the weather takes a turn) and a light rucksack with a water bottle, hat, and some painkillers for those rough mornings. After all, showers can wait until you arrive back home.

Be sure not to take too many valuables as security isn’t guaranteed. Avoid gratuitous items that you might miss if they get lost and stolen, but be sure to take a camera to catch those special moments. Remember, positive energy costs nothing yet will be one of the most valuable things to spread to all those you meet.

What VIP gets you

For those looking for a few more comforts, you may want to go that extra mile and indulge in some of the special treatment Glastonbury offers. VIP hospitality tickets grant you access to some behind-the-scenes areas including some performers’ areas, media spots, and extra food and toilets (critical!). Just be sure to say hi to Mariah and go with the flow. You’ll experience some of the best experiences ever either way, so just be sure to go where the music takes you.

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