It's safe to say that we at VIVA have come across many maps. There's the one showing the coolest thing to do in every country, the tourism slogans of the world, and even where to find the world's biggest junk (yeah, we're not even kidding).

The latest to join this unique assortment is the dirtiest town names in America, put together by none other than Estately. We're not saying these towns are actually dirty — or even that their names are intended to be — but if your mind is in the gutter, these don't stand a chance.

One of our all-time favorites has got to be Sugar Tit, South Carolina. According to Wikipedia, the town "received its name when the men spent so long socializing at the local general store, [and] their wives complained they took to the store like a baby to a sugar tit." True or not, it's pretty funny.

From there we've got a few more that are certainly eye catching. There's Spread Eagle, Wisconsin; Blue Ball Village, Maryland; Wankers Corner, Oregon; and Dick, Michigan. But why let us spoil the fun — check out the map below and find the best ones for yourself.