what does your state hate usa map hater the most hated topic in every state

Somehow, taking interesting and sometimes ridiculous information and placing it on a map just makes it all the more interesting. Such was true with our map of dirty town names, of each country's tourism slogan, and even where to find the world's biggest junk (ladies, you're welcome).

So we bring to you another infographic, this time created by Hater (we'll get to that). As you can tell from the map itself, certain states can agree on hatred for certain things, like California's deep hatred for fidget spinners, and Minnesota's disgust for drinking alone. With the rest of the states hating on long hair on guys, tuna salad, tapas, and spin class, the results are entertaining to say the least, and strangely relatable. 

But back to the people who made this genius map. If you haven't heard of it already, Hater is a dating app alternative to Tinder, where prospective singles meet based on their shared dislikes for certain things. Hate paying extra for guacamole? This guy does too. Or maybe slow walkers really irk you. Well, swipe right my friend, because this girl can relate.

Luckily, the app does have some strict rules against hating certain topics like race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background. After all, we're trying to spread the love through the hate, not just hate for the sake of it.