A map showing which states in the US has legalized weed

Earlier this week, we published an article on how a pop-up weed dinner is coming to a city where, technically, it's illegal to consume or sell weed unless it's for medical use. That got us thinking... with all these new laws passing in different states across the country, where are we at with legalizing marijuana as a whole?

As you're probably well aware, some states have already fully legalized the stuff. Others are completely against it, and a good chunk of the rest are a bit partial either way. So, we took a visit to smokebits.com and discovered an amazing map — one they've created to give you a visual as to where you can legally smoke weed in the USA. We're thinking these guys know what they're talking about, too.

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The following is an explanation taken from an article on smokebits.com

- The states that I highlighted in GREEN on my map are places where you are able to legally cultivate marijuana, legally sellmarijuana and legally consume marijuana for recreational or medical purposes."

- "The states that I have highlighted in YELLOW on my map are states where marijuana cultivation, consumption and sale is semi-legal and for medical use only, you need a bonafide medical card and local ID to buy and consume marijuana legally."

- "The states in RED on my map are the places where its totally illegal to grow, consume and sell marijuana in any way and you will probably get into serious trouble for doing so if you get caught."

*Keep in mind the map above was accurate at the time of publishing, but may fall out of date. To see more current updates on the map, you can visit smokebits.com