map of the most popular Netflix shows in each American state

Let's be real, Netflix has become such a household name that it's often used as a verb (Netflix and chill, anyone?). In that same sense, Netflix has become an icebreaker or widely used topic of conversation, with phrases like "I love you more than Eleven loves waffles" and "FML forever" coming up more frequently in social situations (and, well, memes).

Now thanks to a map created by High Speed Internet, you can know exactly which show to reference depending on the state you're in. So if you're a New Yorker in Texas for the weekend, you can break the ice accordingly with a witty reference to Narcos. Or perhaps you're a Canadian trying to blend in with the locals in Louisiana. If that's the case, a little phrase like "consider me a gladiator in a suit" ought to impress... though some snowsuit puns may follow thereafter.

So whether you're looking for a way to wiggle yourself into a conversation or simply want something to download and watch on the plane, we present to you the most popular Netflix TV shows in each American state:

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