Being single has it's ups and downs, that's stating the obvious. But it turns out, where you live (or spend your time) can make for more ups, or more downs. A 2017 study by WalletHub compared a few different factors of single life, and they were actually able to determine which US states were the best for being single, and which were the worst.

Comparing 23 different indicators across 50 states and the District of Columbia, the data set ranges from 'share of single adults' to 'movie costs' to even 'nightlife options per capita.' Because the more venues to host you and the potential love of your life, the better your chances (naturally).

Coming out on top of the list was, surprisingly, Washington state. With a total score of 55.70, it ranked second in the 'dating opportunities' rank, 16th in the 'romance and fun' rank, and 30th in the 'dating economics' rank. The number one spot for dating opportunities alone, however, was California (3rd overall) whereas first place for 'romance and fun' was Vermont (17th overall), and first place for 'dating and economics' was North Dakota (15th overall). The absolute worst state to live in to find love? Mississippi. Sorry guys, the data says what it says. 

You can check out the full list below, courtesy of WalletHub. For more details on share of single adults, most movie theatres and restaurants per capita, and gender balance, check out the complete study on their website.