map of Michelin star restaurants road trip

Foodies of America, it's your time. All across the United States, Michelin star meals are being dished up on the daily, and there's really no reason why you shouldn't be there to enjoy them. You could argue the price, or you could argue the distance, but when you've got a map as epic as this one, you really have no excuse at all.

Created by Orbitz, the Star Spangled Road Trip details a route made for the most ravenous stomachs. It starts at Commis in Oakland, California, and ends at Hirohisa in New York City. Throughout the cross-country drive, you'll stop at all 159 of the country's Michelin star restaurants in just 3,426 miles, which means that you can get your fill of both food and adventure in one whirlwind trip. Of course, you could take your time with it — though if you were to travel at a pace of one restaurant per night it would take you five months.

Those who are prone to food comas post meals, beware: there's one long stretch of driving between Bouchon in Yontville, California and El Ideas in Chicago, Illinois that comes in at 2,111 miles. All the more reason to pack in a few friends and take turns along the way. After all, sharing is caring — except when it comes to food. 

To check out the full interactive map and road trip itinerary, click here.

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