Now that Halloween is long gone, we can't help but look forward to two of the biggest American holidays: Christmas and New Years. But let's not get ahead of ourselves — Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it comes tons of incredibly delectable food, piled high on our plates and ready to be devoured.

Considering America is a country of diversity, it comes as no surprise that different families have different traditions. What is surprising, however, is that certain states tend to have certain foods that are more popular than the rest. For example, some states prefer their savory foods — like Georgia with it's sweet potato casserole, or Illinois with it's mashed potatoes. Others, like New York and North Dakota prefer the sweets — cheesecake and apple crisp, respectively — and other's, like Wisconsin and Maine are all about the meat.

The research comes by way of General Mills, who actually created a map of which foods are preferred in which states. They turned to different Thanskgiving searches from,, and the cooking website from November 1, 2016 through Thanksgiving Day 2016, and then compiled the results to make this map. Check it out below to see if your favourite foods made the cut.

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