Ah, winter. While some desperately chase the sun by fleeing to Cuba or Barcelona, others embrace the chilly months by burrowing under homemade quilts and cable-knit sweaters, keeping toasty with mugs of tea, fuzzy socks, while gazing meditatively into misty mountains. If the latter sounds more like you, we’ve got five designer cabins to keep you snug in style.

Meadow House at Candlewood Cabins


Channel your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder at this peaceful retreat, set on an idyllic meadow in the heart of the Wisconsin woods. That is, if Ms Ingalls Wilder enjoyed Swedish-inspired minimalist furnishings, a wood stove, updated kitchen, luxurious bathroom, and glass walls that bathe the entire space in light and natural splendor. The Meadow House is intimately sized with one heavenly bed and is available for a minimum stay of two nights at $168 per night. 

Rolling Huts


Do you like the idea of camping, but not so fond of setting up tents in inclement weather? The Rolling Huts near Seattle, Washington, promises an upscaled version of winter camping, with a set of adorable designer cabins. Amenities include a fully-stocked kitchen, wifi, and surprisingly comfy sleeping mats, whereas water faucets, showers, and bathrooms are all located in a nearby barn, so there's still that great outdoors experience. The huts can sleep up to four people, but rates start from $135 for two.

Glass Cabin in the Woods

New York

This glass cabin in the woods in upstate New York is an Airbnb favorite, comprised of modern style and rustic sensibility. Set on a six-acre lot that's surrounded by woods, this utterly private, architecurally-designed abode promises simple elegance and luxury touches...like somewhere that James Bond would retreat to in a jam. It has two bedrooms and sleeps four, and is available for around $300 per night.

Glass Cabin Boutique Home


You'll find this stunning glass cabin on Fidalgo Island in LaConner, Washington, right on the coast near the Canadian border. Surrounded by forest and just steps to the beach, it's an idyllic hideaway to live in the wilderness for a while, without all the inconvenience of mosquitoes and foraging. Outfitted with a gourmet kitchen, spacious bath, and woodburning stove, this rather large cabin sleeps five and is available for $300 per night.

Far Meadow Boutique Home


This super snug triangular boutique was designed as a simple retreat for chic nomads, and it lives up to the brief. Light, bright and pine-filled, you'll find this winter hideaway in ever-beautiful Yosemite in California. Best shared with three of your nearest and dearest for $250 per night, there's also a nearby teepee tent that can be rented for extra friends.