The Grand Canyon is one of Southwest America's greatest icons and natural wonders. Welcoming over 4.5 million visitors a year, it's surprising how few of these visitors have heard about the Canyon's best-kept secret – until now.

The Havasu Falls are 90 feet of powerful aquamarine water that drop down into a frothing blue swimming hole, forming a perfect oasis in the middle of the canyons. The water is warm enough for a good dip, while the waterfall itself is surprisingly gentle enough to play under. The sight of the white foam against the sunlit cliffside is quite a sight to behold, and has been getting plenty of Instagram love recently for good reason.

Before the Instagram age however, the falls have remained quite unknown due to the fact that it is part of the Havasupai tribe's protected Reservation lands. Hidden in the southwestern corner of Grand Canyon national park, gaining access to these falls is no easy feat either: only 200 permits are granted each year, and a gruelling 8-mile hike is also required. Word has it that permits for 2017 have already been booked up – but as all the photos prove, it's totally worth it.

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