In what's been referred to as "the most definitive list of beaches ever assembled", Canadian-based online travel agency FlightNetwork has released their list of the The World's 50 Best Beaches.

Using scoring metrics like remoteness, untouched beauty, and sand and water quality, the company asked top travel professionals — 600+ of world’s best travel journalists, editors, bloggers and agencies — for their say in the matter. 

As for the results? Gorgeous, practically unreal beaches are listed as the top 50... and six of them are in the US. Yes, America's Trunk Bay (U.S.V.I.) listed as number 10, Flamenco Beach (Puerto Rico) as number 28, Tunnels Beach (Hawaii) as number 32, Lanikai Beach (Hawaii) as number 41, and Cannon Beach (Oregon) trailed in as number 50.

For the entire listing of The World's 50 Best Beaches, click here.

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