Ireland's New Luxury Sleeper Train

This fall, Europe is calling with some ridiculously low flight fares. Norwegian Air has made it even easier to get across the Atlantic, offering $99 one-way tickets to Bergen (Norway) Edinburgh and Belfast (UK) and Dublin and Shannon (Ireland) for those leaving from Boston and Providence. 

The fares include taxes, though some restrictions and baggage fees may come into play. That said, you're still just looking at less than $350 round trip as the return flights hover around $230. The $99 deals seem to begin in September (around the 10th), and last until March, though we can't say for sure if that will last. Regardless, fall in the city streets of the UK or the rolling hills of Ireland are certainly a sight worth seeing.

Known as the world's best low-cost long haul airline in 2017 (and for the third year in a row, might we add), it's a pretty good deal that you're going to want to grab quickly. The tickets are all subject to availability, and while they should be available through this coming Monday, July 17, we can't make any guarantees. After all, Europe is one hot spot for fall.

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