amazing view of a sunshine on the waterfall in Iceland

For quite some time now, Iceland has been a hot destination. And we of course mean that in a metaphorical sense — the 'land of fire and ice' is a far cry from a tropical getaway. What it does offer, however, is stunning scenery, a tiny population, and ample opportunities to explore the outdoors.

Now it's even easier for Americans to fly directly to Iceland for less than $100. What was once a deal reserved solely for cities like New York and Boston is now becoming available to four more cities that, in the past, have been left out. According to WOW Air — the airline most famous for its discounted Iceland fares — St. Louis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit are next on the list. 

Tickets for the new routes are already on sale, priced at $99.99 one-way to Iceland and connecting to other European destinations for $149.99. And while you can certainly shell out the cash to claim your seat now, the actual flight won't be leaving until next spring, with the earliest available dates falling in April 2018.