a rendering of the new Hyperloop train that will connect NYC to Washington DC in 30 minutes

Elon Musk is a man with many ideas. In case you haven't heard, he's the man behind Tesla (a leading force for electric cars), SolarCity (which installs solar roofs to homes worldwide), and SpaceX (which aims to send people to space where they can live on other planets). He's a billionaire and tech mogul who tackles one ambitious project after another, and the latest is the new Hyperloop train that will travel between NYC and Washington, D.C. within just 30 minutes.

According to a post on Musk's twitter account, verbal approval has been granted by the government to put the plans in motion. The train will connect New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. all in less than 30 minutes, with each stop going right through the centre of each city. Upon arrival to the underground area, approximately 12 entry and exit elevators will bring you back up to the surface.

The underground train concept is one that could certainly blow all other modes of transport out of the water. Using a concept that hurls trains through pneumatic tubes at upwards of 800 miles per hour, it beats out competition like the propsal for the California High-Speed Rail, which would take three hours to connect LA and SF when hyperloop could do it in 20 minutes.

While the verbal approval is certainly exciting, Musk says that the company still needs to receive formal approval before they begin to build. There's no anticipated start date quite yet, but we'll be anxiously waiting.