airplane loading with passengers at the airport

You don't need to be a travel industry expert to know that flight costs have dropped significantly over the past year plus. In fact, budget airlines are being birthed like rabbits all over the world, and with that rapid influx now comes Primera Air.

The brand new European airline will start connecting US cities New York and Boston with Europe as soon as late spring, and a seat sale is on up until midnight eastern time on January 29. Good news — if you catch this quick, you'll still have a few days to book your $139 fare to Birmingham, or $159 fare to Paris or London (among others).

Of course, if you're used to flying with budget airlines you already know the catch. Those fares are exclusive of additives like meals, checked baggage, and preferred seats. That said, if you're willing to pack light, sit just about anywhere, and buy a snack at the airport in advance, then you're good to go with a great deal. If not, adding $90 per flight ought to cover all those little 'luxuries' for you. 

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