Recharge Luxury hotel booking app sf nyc

The world is all about the sharing economy these days, whether it's accommodations, transportation, or meals. And while living in other people's apartments, driving other people's cars, or even having dinner in a stranger's home are all nice and well, the experiences are not always what you would call glamorous (we know you've all heard of those Airbnb horror stories).

But a new app is bringing a taste of the high life into the mix: called Recharge, the mobile app's tagline is "luxury hotels unlocked" – and it's promising to deliver exactly that. Allowing users to book a room in high-end hotels in their vicinity for minutes at a time, the rates go as low as low as $0.83 a minute, and provides a genius alternative to spa day. Launched in San Francisco 10 months ago, the company has just announced its expansion to New York City and Northern California.

A smart way to fill empty rooms for hoteliers, the mobile app is also a perfect fit for business travelers, local commuters, and red-eye fliers. For the rest of us are waiting for Recharge to move into a hotel nearby, we can rest assured that expansion to other major North American cities is already in the works.

Bali's Jungle Fish resort is the definition of luxury: