Trick or Treating is usually reserved for children — a lesson we learned the hard way growing up. And as awful as that was, that doesn't mean Halloween doesn't have any treats for adults. Consider this point proven by Norwegian Air, which released some 'scare fares' today, just for you. 

One-way flights from the US to Europe are now available for as little as $99 USD. Starting in December, you can fly out of New York for destinations like Belfast, UK; Bergen, Norway; and Shannon, Ireland. Come January, you can also fly to Edinburgh, UK for that same $99 price tag. If you're located in Boston, deals start appearing in December, with $99 fares to Cork, Shannon, or Dublin, Ireland, and Edinburgh in the UK.

Don't forget that Norwegian Air has those killer deals to the French Caribbean, too. You can fly out of New York, Boston, or Florida and book $59 one-way tickets to Guadeloupe or Martinique. Maybe it's just us, but as of November 1, we're going to be pretty tempted to get away for the winter.