girl sitting on a rock ledge looking at a city skyline

If you work a full-time job in the US, you know the struggles of trying to vacation. Often the easiest way is to choose a long weekend, and even then the trouble of researching, scheduling, and booking everything seems like more of a headache than the trip is really worth. After all, isn't a vacation supposed to be carefree? 

But now there's a travel agency that does all the work for you. And we know what you're thinking — travel agents already do the work for you, that's their job. But Pack Up + Go is a surprise travel agency, so quite literally all you need to do is set your budget and travel dates, include a few preferences and possible requests, and they'll send you on a three-day weekend trip to a mystery destination in the US. It's so carefree that you won't even have a clue where you're going until about a week before the trip itself.

Cleverly written on their website, Pack Up + Go teases travelers with the phrase "Let us plan your 3-day weekend. The Catch? Your destination is a surprise." It then goes on to explain the process — how you'll receive an email with your flight/train/bus info, directions on where to go, and a weather forecast for your mystery location. Then just a few days before your trip, you'll receive an envelope in the mail containing everything that's left to know, like your actual destination, a city guide, and accommodation info.

While the teeny tiny possibility of a mail strike is slightly unnerving, the concept is certainly easy overall. It adds spontaneity to your trip, and is sure to create memories that last a lifetime. To give you an idea on cost, an article by Hello Giggles explains "A multi-traveler weekend plane, train, or bus trip starts at $650. A solo plane, train, or bus trip starts at $1,000. You can also choose to partake in a multi-traveler road trip starting at $400, or a solo road trip starting at $800."