couple hiking secret trails in parks

We all know that America's National Parks are beautiful, nearly to a fault. Attracting thousands of tourists each season, hiking a trail can feel a lot like shuffling in line for a black friday sale, and for every picture of the park you take, there's ten people awkwardly filling the background.

But what if we told you that there are equally beautiful trails nearby without all the busy crowds of people? Where you can actually hike to immerse yourself in nature, and take pictures of the trees and rock formations without badly-dressed tourists blocking the view. Such an way to discover these trails exists, and designed by TomTom, you can download them straight from their website to your TomTom GPS watch. 

Compatible with the Adventurer, Runner 3, and Spark 3 watches, you can download and explore trails in National Parks all over the country. Whether it's the Deer Valley Loop trail at Saguaro National Park, Lost Horse Mine Loop trail at Joshua Tree, or Elizabeth Lake Trail at Yosemite, everything from how to locate the start of the trail to how to navigate your way through it is made super easy.

As a bonus, TomTom has picked out a list of 'Influencer Favorites', exposing a lot of those secret spots you've likely seen on social media. Take, for example, the Hurricane Wash to Coyote Gulch trail at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It takes two days, but will take you through a stunning canyon, and past several waterfalls. Another option includes Lands End at Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, which takes you to see shipwrecks and ruins of the Sutro Baths, a former public saltwater swimming pool.

As if you needed more incentive to check it out, TomTom will be donating $5 from every Adventurer device sold to the National Park Foundation between April 10-23, 2017. That just so happens to coincide with National Park Week — the perfect time for you to get out there and explore.

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