urban b&b interior design

These days, B&B's don't have the best rep. Case in point? When we think 'bed and breakfast' we think of Grandma's outdated doilies, dry scones and OJ on a tray, and overly-inquisitive hosts. Yeah, that doesn't paint the prettiest picture, but that said, there's one B&B that's redefining the industry, and changing our notions on the concept as a whole: Urban Cowboy. 

Lovechild of Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks, Urban Cowboy Brooklyn was built in May of 2014 with a goal of becoming the couple's dream house. Finished with exposed brick walls, modern art, and industrial furniture upholstered with midwestern prints, the bedrooms are spacious, the kitchen stocked, and the concept completely unique. It was such a success that they had to share it with others, and opened their home to the transient.

Following their success in Brooklyn, the East Nashville location was housed in a historic Victorian-era mansion. Keeping with the same industrial, rustic feel, the space has a completely unique look with larger bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, and platform beds with fur spreads. To sweeten the deal, each bedroom in the Nashville mansion has its own tub, so you can soak in privacy and style (and ultimately boast about it on Insta later).

Rates start at $195 a night, and go up to $395 for suites with multiple beds and their own lounge areas. Toss in the awesome location and that’s really not bad. In Brooklyn, you have Barcade (a dive bar slash old-school arcade) a couple blocks away, Sage (traditional Thai cuisine) even closer, and literally all of NYC accessible via subway, bus, or Uber. Nashville isn’t any different, surrounded by dive bars like the Crying Wolf, eateries like Edley’s Bar-B-Que, and the rest of Nashville’s lively culture. Whatever your taste, and wherever you wander, the Urban Cowboy will continue to change your perception of the perfect stay.