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In this modern millennium, fashion bloggers have become the new celebrities. With vast numbers of faithful followers and incredible opportunities for endorsement deals, all have achieved recognition by placing their personal take on fashion with consistently good content. Think of them as contemporary artists with a passionate eye for what they wear, offering an open invitation to follow their personal style journey with a portion of everyday tips along the way. Us fashion cravers can’t seem to get enough, often finding ourselves frequenting our favorite blogs for inspiration before ever even picking up a magazine. From the streets to the runways, they have emerged as our firsthand sources, and as social media and the fashion industry flourishes, several fresh faces are motivated to join in on the scene. We believe there can never be too much inspiration, so today we are breaking down six upcoming and subscribe-worthy Los Angeles fashion bloggers who are well on the path to prevailing as style stars.

Vincent Elejorde

| @myselfvincent | Vincent’s blog excels in providing you with well-tailored minimalistic menswear, architectural inspiration and sleek photography shots that look straight out of a magazine. His superb attention to detail for layered ensembles will leave you tempted to purchase every single piece of clothing, if only to replicate the exact same look. The blog is largely focused on his daily wardrobe with a dose of creative collaborations from time to time. The little written content on the site is not of concern, since his pictures tend to speak a thousand words.

Victoria Sanders

| @thevicstyles | From a breathtaking backdrop of Pasadena-Los Angeles to an open-minded mix of fashion, Victoria's colorful approach is sure to inspire you to get adventurous with your ensembles. She shows no fear when it comes to mixing textures, colors and prints in daily looks and her confidence always shines through. Vic also has an amazing skincare section to her blog that is extremely useful in everyday routines. If that alone isn't enough for a subscription, her strong values will impress you- an advocate for empowerment, a voice for rape survivors and a proud supporter of unique companies that back the need for improvement of humankind. Its safe to say she is a class-act.

Taye Hansberry

| @TayeHansberry | Ultra-feminine-rocker-fusion would be the best way to describe Taye’s unique style. Her looks are consistently well structured, and are always paired with the prefect shade of lipstick and seemingly effortless hair. She also delivers more than just fashion- skincare tips, step-by-step make-up looks, how-to videos and even well written food reviews dot her blog; one need to look anywhere else. Whether its interesting silhouette choices, bold statement outerwear or uniquely placed accessories, she keeps her readers up-to-date with the latest trends.

Madison Calley

| @CalleySunshine | Madison is unquestionably style star material. From the moment you lay eyes on her blog, prepare to be dazzled by her sun-kissed skin, elegant features and sultry yet glamorously styled looks. Although fairly new to the game, her well-curated and expressive style is that of a seasoned veteran. She is the enviable type of woman who can pull off anything she wears, and in just a short period of time she has been recognized by a significant number of brand collaborators. As of yet, Madison's blog isn’t as fully stocked as some of the others, but what she has available now will absolutely have you hitting that subscribe button.

Annabelle Fleur

| @Vivaluxuryblog | Annabelle gets it right each and every time. Her taste is simply impeccable; in fact, anything she holds or wears instantly takes on a luxurious effect. Her high-end style is completely faultless from beautifully crafted embellished frocks and classy trench coats to a handbag collection that is drop-dead droolworthy. Annabelle’s fashion choices will surely inspire your next luxury shopping spree.

Olivia Lopez

| @Lustforlife | Olivia is one well-rounded blogger. Not only is her personal style on point, but she keeps her readers current on most major fashion weeks, offering an inside look that isn’t always accessible to the public. Her blog,, also provides a real learning opportunity to those curious about the fashion industry. She offers an “ask anything” column for fans requiring hands-on help with their style and the best part is that she generously offers her advice completely free. Lopez’s style can be described as very "Cali Chic"- laid back with a penchant for rare fashionable pieces. As a subscriber, you won’t only receive inspiration on the daily but learn more than you can imagine about fashion. If that isn’t the best thing ever, then I don’t know what is.