It's that time of year again — we're almost four months through 2018 and the Easter Bunny is ready to shower everyone with chocolate-shaped goodies. It's your one excuse (bar Christmas and your birthday) when you get to indulge on all the sugar you can get your hands on.

Of course, when you aren't stuffing your face, there's a ton of other activities you can get involved in. And according to a new survey by Wallethub, the Big Apple has the best selection.

As well as being home to the most brunch restaurants per capita, the most flower and gift shops per capita, and the most candy and chocolate stores per capita, New York City also ranked fifth place for the highest number of Easter Egg hunts per capita. Must-do activities include the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival, as well as enjoying an Easter brunch at Kingsley.

For a full breakdown of which cities are the best for Easter celebrations, check out the Wallethub website.

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