You’ve may have heard of the iconic Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Or even the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. But perhaps a little less widely-known is the Colorado Distillery Trail.

If you're taking a trip to the States and fancy trading in bar hopping for something a little different, the Colorado Distillers Guild have created a map of 53 world-class distilleries within the state — so whether you're looking to try the best whiskey, vodka, rum or even absinthe, you can find it here

Since Colorado is so large (it's 380 miles long and 280 miles wide, incase you're interested) the interactive map allows you to create your very own itinerary — complete with drive times and directions. Want to see all of it? The good news is that the entire trail is totally doable.

You can check out the interactive map here, or download a printable version if you're old-school like that. Find out more on the Colorado Distillers Guild website.

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