Beer fanatics, rejoice! A Scandinavian beer hall is set to open in the waterfront neighbourhood of Ballard this summer, and it's promised to be quite unique.

Ballard is located on the west coast in Seattle — its waterfront location paired with Seattle's dreary weather making for the perfect location for the new drinking spot, aptly named Skål (which means ‘cheers’ in Norweigan).

Designed like a Viking mead hall (or living room, to you and I) folks can gather round a huge central fireplace while sipping on drinks served in large ale horn mugs. Expect local craft beer, cider, wine and speciality Scandinavian cocktails. Yum.

And if you really want to get into the spirit of things, there will also be Nordic events and classes you can sign up for. For more information, check out the Skål Beer Hall website.

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