Fancy taking your Halloween celebrations to the next level this year? Why not take a trip and stay in one of America’s creepiest hotels? Some of the country’s oldest accommodations have fascinating — albeit spooky — histories, and may have a few guests who have long overstayed their welcome. Here are the creepiest hotels you can stay in this Halloween. Just make sure you sleep with one eye open.

Marshall House

Marshall House’s location alone makes it a creepy place to stay. As the oldest city in Georgia, Savannah has built up a haunted reputation, with unexplained happenings occurring at many of its historic buildings. The hotel itself was used as a hospital during the Civil War and again during yellow fever outbreaks during the 19th century. In the 1990s workers replacing damaging floorboards discovered human remains in what once used to be a hospital surgery room. Some even believe the spirits of former patients roam the halls.

Hotel Del Coronado

Spooky activity has been a part of this iconic beachfront hotel’s history since the unexplained death of Kate Morgan, found dead days after she checked in. Guests who have stayed in her room have reported lights flickering, television turning on by itself and a creepy woman standing by the window. Don't say we didn't warn you.

The Stanley Hotel

As the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s The Shining, a stay at the Stanley Hotel is guaranteed to be creepy. This Colorado accommodation with a view of the Rocky Mountains even offers a night spirit tour to introduce you to its phenomena and spirit folklore. The spookiest place to sleep is Room 217, where a former housekeeper who died at the hotel is said to return to assist guests. The former owner and his wife are also said to regularly roam the hotel lobby.

Le Pavillon Hotel

Guests in this haunted hotel in New Orleans frequently report odd occurrences such as showers turning on in the middle of the night and sheets being pulled to the bottom of the bed. Staff too are familiar with the hotel’s paranormal activity and say they have seen ghosts. Holy. Moly.

The Heathman Hotel

This Portland hotel may look quaint on the outside, but inside is far spookier than meets the eye. A column of rooms ending in 03 are said to be haunted by a former guest who passed the rooms as he jumped to his death. 

Lord Baltimore Hotel

The Lord Baltimore Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who roams around the 19th floor. And what's worse than child ghosts, let's be honest). Elevators apparently make constant trips up to the floor at night without anyone pressing a button.

The Bullock Hotel

Seth Bullock, the first owner of the Bullock Hotel, seems to be continuing to play host at his beloved establishment. Strange occurrences, including sightings of Mr. Bullock’s ghost, have been reported by both guests and staff.

Chelsea Hotel New York

Known as a popular stopover for famous personalities, the Chelsea Hotel is also one of the most haunted establishments in New York. The hotel is said to be haunted by the spirits of prominent guests who died during their stay including writer Dylan Thomas who died in room 206 and Nancy Spungen, who was staying with Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols when she was found dead in room 100.

The Copper Queen Hotel

Guests have reportedly heard footsteps and laughs of a little boy who drowned and whose parents worked in this hotel, originally built in the 1800s. But it doesn't end there. Another spirit said to be roaming the halls is that of Julia Lowell, a prostitute who took her own life in room 315.

Congress Plaza Hotel

Known as Chicago’s most haunted hotel, the Congress Plaza is no stranger to paranormal activity. Its notorious former owner Al Capone is said to make a regular appearance. But the American gangster’s spirit isn’t the only one haunting the halls. Guests have reported mysterious noises coming from the grand ballroom and appliances turning on and off randomly.