Love your state? It seems that the things that appeal to some of us about a particular area may not necessarily apply to everyone. The latest Best States Rankings report was just released, measuring outcomes for citizens of every U.S. state using more than 75 metric.

According to the latest report, North Dakota ranked the highest for quality of life, scoring top marks for its social environment (including metrics like community engagement, social support and voter participation) and for its natural environment (air and water quality, pollution and prevalence of industrial toxins, etc.).

At the other end of the scale, California has the lowest quality of life – even in spite of its perfect weather and chilled-out residents. Surprising, huh? For the full list and more detailed explanations of why certain states scored highly in some areas than others, check out the US News website.

States ranked best for quality of life
1. North Dakota
2. Minnesota
3. Wisconsin
4. New Hampshire
5. South Dakota

States ranked lowest for quality of life 
1. California
2. New Jersey
3. Indiana
4. Illinois
5. Texas

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