road to alaska with the mountains full of snow on the background

Whether you're struggling to keep up with debt, or you have the spending habits of Carrie Bradshaw, we could all use a little monetary support now and again. If working overtime doesn't sound particularly appealing, perhaps you'd consider a change in location?

Although this state won't actually pay for your moving costs, if you decide to move there permanently, you can decide to opt into the state's annual Permanent Fund Dividend Division. But how can it afford to be so generous? The answer is in the oil industry. Yep, we're talking about Alaska.

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Thanks to the state's oil wealth, the division gives yearly checks to permanent residents — whatever their age. Those enrolled have received payouts up to $2,072 USD in a year — with residents having been part of the division since 1982 having so far received over $39,000. That's a whole lot of smoked salmon. 

The only conditions are that you must have been an Alaskan resident for all of the previous year, you must not have claimed residency in any other state, and finally, you must not have been absent from Alaska for more than 180 days. Applicants also cannot have been sentenced or incarcerated for any felony convictions over the past year. Find out more here.