the rocky cliffs at Zion National Park in Utah

The national parks that adorn the US and Canada are nothing short of breathtaking. From endless cliffs to deep ravines, lush forests to dry deserts, the diversity is awe-inspiring, and a visit to any one national park is unlike the next. That said, there's one park in particular that you'll want to bump to the top of your list, as the park is considering implementing a reservation system for visitors.

Zion National Park saw nearly 4.3 million visitors just last year, totalling over a million more than in 2014. At this point, the Utah-located park is the 5th most visited national park in the entire country, and concerns over its natural environment and infrastructure are growing. 

The goal is to mitigate overcrowding — and the inevitable damage that comes with it — as much as possible. The proposal, then, is that any visitors that plan to get out of their car to explore need to reserve a date, time, and possibly specific location to do so. 

According to an article by Adventure Journal, "The proposal includes three action alternatives: One, do nothing. Two, impose a blanket reservation system for park entrance that allows visitors access to the entire frontcountry. Three, impose a more specific reservation system, which would ask users to identify where in the frontcountry they plan to go and when, and restrict them to those areas and times."

 With just 150,000 acres to explore (compared to Yosemite's 762,000 and the Grand Canyon's 1.2 million), restricting visitors will certainly put a hold on things. Definitely make your plans to visit sooner rather than later — there's no time like the present, after all.