Vancouver Fashion Week VFW

If you're not already counting down the days until this season's Vancouver Fashion Week, with just six sleeps left, it's fast approaching. The largest growing fashion week in the world, and the second largest in all of North America, its 30th season, which begins on September 18 and runs until September 24, is the most international yet. Featuring over 80 designers from over 20 countries, 2017 will welcome some of the world's most innovative visionaries, as well as playing host to a tonne of notable guests and media partners.

Among those to represent their countries on the VFW catwalk include an environmentally conscious 18-year-old from Australia and a civil engineer putting a new spin on traditional batik fashion. Read on more information, including dates and times of shows.

Charly Thorn, Australia

Monday, September 18, 8:20 pm
Originally from Australia's Snowy Mountains, 18-year-old Charly is a designer who always has sustainability and innovation in mind when coming up with new designs. All her clothes are made from 100% natural fibers and therefore of extremely high quality. Charly says she designs clothing for the chic and sophisticated woman who isn't afraid to be herself. "My clothing is for the girl who wants to stand out and look fashion forward every day of the week. I describe my style as young and elegant," she says.

Anna Francesca, Panama 

Thursday, September 21, 8:45 pm
Anna Francesca is back with her new collection 'HUECO'; at this season's Vancouver Fashion Week. With a play on textures and shapes, each piece is one of a kind, much like the designer herself. Having been involved in the arts for the majority of her life, she taught herself to sew at the age of seven and has since been in multiple fashion shows in Panama, as well as being invited to New York Fashion Week and NYFW and the Dominican Republic as an international designer.

Inae Sung, Seoul

Thursday, September 21, 8:30 pm
Inae Sung is the talented designer behind O.L.O.H, an emerging womenswear brand based in Seoul. Inae established the brand soon after graduating from a London college with a Bachelor in Fashion Design and Technology and uses a creative mix of colors, textures, and styles to enhance every piece in her line. Expect to see lots of blue tones in her VFW show this season, as well as ruffles  - which she says is the best example of a feminine atmosphere.

Andre, Taiwan

Friday, September 22, 8:45 pm
An indigenous designer from Taiwan, Andre Kao incorporates his country's aboriginal heritage into his unique designs - many of which use geometric shapes. He also takes inspiration from his passion for painting, which he practiced for almost twenty years. He graduated from the Department of Fashion Design and his work has since been purchased by private collectors and is a favorite with many celebrities. Expect to see lots of striking patterns and structures with a masculine touch.

Priscilla Listia, Indonesia

Saturday, September 23, 8:15 pm
Having been actively involved in the fashion industry since 2014, Priscilla Listia is the creative director and founder of emerging fashion brand, ‘PRISZL’ which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Originally a civil engineer, she worked for various multi-national corporations before moving into fashion and has since gained recognition as one of the trend creators who has successfully put a modern twist on traditional Indonesian batik fashion.

Paulina Cañas, Chile 

Tuesday, September 19, 7:15 pm
Paulina Cañas is a Chilean designer with over 30 years of experience in the world of design and has been selling her products throughout Chile for over 10 years. Her line is extremely feminine and expresses the sensuality and beauty of women everywhere. The models on this catwalk wear gorgeously delicate designs, enveloped by the energy and brightness of color as the vital expression of the female form.

Julia Gurskaja, Ukraine

Tuesday, September 19, 7:45 pm
If you love bright colors and unique textures, don't miss Julia Gurskaja's show at this season's VFW. Originally from Odessa in Ukraine, Julia says her style is for people who "love the world around them and want to make it brighter." Her first collection was presented at the Odessa Fashion Day in October 2015 before she went on to present in Slovakia at Cosice Fashion Week where her designs gained the recognition they deserved.

For the full schedule, check out the Vancouver Fashion Week website.