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They don't call it 'Beautiful British Columbia' for no reason - it's certainly one of the most stunning provinces in Canada. Vancouver offers sun worshippers and swimmers alike some pretty amazing beaches on the edges of the city. But sometimes we want to go outside of our comfort zone and make a splash somewhere more adventurous. For this, you can pick from either the province's array of stunning waterfalls , or the following swimming holes. We believe these swimming holes are some of BC's best kept secrets. Enjoy them, but enjoy them safely (tips here )!

Sooke Potholes

A swimmers paradises, Sooke Potholes Regional Park is located on the banks of the spectacular Sooke River. Just 30 minutes drive from the capital hub of Victoria, you will feel like you're in another world when taking a welcome, refreshing dip here on a scorching hot day. It's definitely worth making a trip from Vancouver to reach this picturesque swimming spot amid a dense forest. Waters here are clear and cool thanks to the small creek running under a wooden bridge. There's also a lush waterfall further upstream which is the perfect place to get a selfie before you head to the pool.

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Cascade Falls

Find secluded swimming holes at the foot of a beautiful, high waterfall in Cascade Falls Regional Park. Visitors will be in their element at the swimming holes here as there's so much natural terrain to test. Here you can take a dip in super clear, cool water and relax as you gaze at the cascade on its descent down. Pathways leas to bridges where you can observe some awesome vistas of the wonderful 98 foot waterfall as it gushes. Some small waterfalls can also be found downstream too.

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Lynn Canyon

A supreme spot for swimming among the wonders of the natural world in Lynn Canyon Provincial Park. Getting here is effortless as it's under an hour drive from downtown Vancouver as well as being pretty accessible via public transport. It's easy to see why Lynn Canyon is a popular destination for Vancouverites to escape the busy city when in search of a gorgeous spot to splash in a natural pool. The canyon also features beautiful twin waterfalls  just meters away if you seek a relaxing retreat.

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Capilano Canyon

The area surrounding the Capilano Canyon offers so many points for exploration. This is perfect place to go swimming and chill out when you want to try something different from Vancouver's beach scene. Less than a 25 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, here you can immerse yourself in nature and soak up the sunshine on this rocky shoreline. The Canyon is home to deep waterholes which are ideal to plunge into. Just remember that the water here can hold a chill so make sure to dive on a hot day.

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Whyte Lake

This swimming wonderland is a crystal clear mountain lake on Cypress Mountain. It has a small dock and wait for it - warm water for swimming. Just a 45 minute drive from Eagle Harbour in West Vancouver towards the Upper Levels Highway. A trail to Whyte Lake was created as a result of the 2010 Olympics and it's the most amazing thing ever when you reach the scenic lake after a short 5 km West Vancouver hike. A small dock lies by the lake and if you get there early you could even have the area all to yourself. Diving straight into the water from the dock is strictly fun, standard practice on a summers day.

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Pool 99

This North Vancouver pool is a go-to for swimming in the summer months. At the top of Riverside Drive it's easy to access the area from the city which has allowed it to evolve as a swimming spot for Vancouverites. The waters in this tranquil place are normally cold but ideal to cool down when you finish a vigorous mountain biking session or scenic hiking trail along the North Shore.


  *Editors Note: An earlier version of this article contained a sentence mentioning cliff jumping that was later removed. Our writer did not intend to promote unsafe activities, and we apologize for causing any additional concerns around cliff diving.