Image Source: Casey Yee via Flickr under Creative Commons

There's no denying that British Columbia has been blessed in the nature department - from stunning swimming holes to beautiful beaches tucked away on the coastline, the province has it all. But if you're looking to go see more nature and be more adventurous this summer, we have the perfect list for you. Read on for the most beautiful waterfalls in Vancouver and the surrounding area. You can sunbathe, you can hike, and best of all you can swim... (safely and responsibly, of course - tips here ). We can't promise the weather will be warm but we can promise you'll make some memories.  

Brandywine Falls

Situated between Whistler and Garibaldi, this 70 metre waterfall is a sight not to be missed. The provincial park itself is packed with hiking and cycle trails, whilst the trail to the falls takes you through a dazzling array of viewpoints showcasing Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains. Be sure to check out the surrounding cavern, which features rockslides that have crumbled over hundreds of years. If you're looking to swim then check out the appropriately titled 'Swim Lake Trail' - it's a little steep to get there and there's certainly no beaches or lifeguards upon arrival, but the level of refreshment received will make it worth your while.

Twin Falls

Lynn Canyon
A supreme spot for swimming among the wonders of the natural world in Lynn Canyon Provincial Park. Getting here is effortless as it’s on the North Shore: under an hour drive from downtown Vancouver and pretty accessible via public transport. It’s easy to see why Lynn Canyon is a popular destination for Vancouverites to escape the busy city when in search of a gorgeous spot to splash in a natural pool. It's a stunning spot for a refreshing swim, and the canyon also features beautiful twin waterfalls just meters away if you seek a relaxing retreat.

Gold Creek Falls

Maple Ridge
An hour and a half drive from Vancouver takes you to the nature-filled haven of Golden Ears Provincial Park. There's a ton to see and do but a standout hike is to Gold Creek Falls. Not only is it fairly simple (a 5.5k round-trip), but the reward is well worth the incline. After enjoying one of the falls' viewpoints you can make your way back to the campsite to warm up after the cool waters. Your weekend away starts here.

Mill Creek Falls

Located in the Okanagan, Mill Creek Regional Park is a superbly peaceful spot. It's packed with wildlife and a bunch of quiet trails that follow Mill Creek into the falls. The park is closed in the winter so get exploring, and take a dip, while you still can. Your Instagram feed will thank you.

Cascade Falls

Find secluded swimming holes at the foot of a beautiful, high waterfall in Cascade Falls Regional Park. Nature lovers will be in their element as you can take a dip in super clear, cool water and relax as you gaze at the cascade on its descent down. Pathways leas to bridges where you can observe some awesome vistas of the wonderful 98 foot waterfall as it gushes. Some small waterfalls can also be found downstream too.

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