Capilano Suspension  Bridge

Christmas is a magical time of year filled with rum and eggnog, fuzzy socks, and cats going crazy over decorated trees. One of the most constant and enjoyable aspects, though, is the lights. Bright, blinking, colored, or white, they always look mesmerizing, and we get so entranced that many of us have strung permanent lights in our rooms so as never to stop staring. 

Call us basic, but we love them, and we get a kick out of hunting down the most over-the-top displays. Vancouver's Capilano Suspension Bridge takes the cake for the city, stringing thousands of lights across bridges, trees, walkways, and gardens. With over 800,000 visitors per year, it's been the setting for shows like Psych, Sliders, and MacGyver, and become an annual attraction for both locals and tourists. 

The bridge itself is located in North Vancouver, and connects land on both sides of the Capilano river. At 140 metres long and 70 metres above the river, it's vertigo-inducing, romantic, and exhilarating all at once. If you'd like to explore other Christmassy events in the city, check out the spectacular display at Vandusen Gardens or go on a horse-drawn tour through Stanley Park. 

Photos by Jeanne des Vallières

Jeanne des Vallières is a 29-year-old globetrotter and life catcher snapping images of the modern world, nature, travel, and more. Check out her website and make sure you follow her on Facebook and Instagram.