Edible Museum

When discussing cuisine, you're probably talking everything except Canadian food. Because what, in all honesty, is Canadian food? Sure, there's maple syrup and poutine, but that's hardly anything next to Italy's famous pizzas or India's complex curries.

So it's interesting to hear that a multi-sensory edible museum is coming to Vancouver, and that it's focused entirely on Canada's culinary evolution over the past 150 years. Focusing on prominent moments and origin stories, guests will learn about the creation of the McIntosh apple, the story behind the first Aboriginal owned and operated winery in North America, and even the history of Icewine in Canada. Moreover, samples of wine and food will be provided by wineries and top chefs from popular local restaurants like Burdock & Co, Ask for Luigi, and Cadeaux Bakery.

The one-day exhibit will be held downtown on February 9th, with tickets available here. The $22 price includes food and wine samples, and will be benefiting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank to keep those good old Canadian vibes going. As the Francophones say, bon appétit.