Few foods can inspire cravings as intensely as fried chicken. Whether you're at the end of a big night out, hungover as hell or sober as a judge, the sudden, severe urge to devour a plate full of crunchy, juicy, salty, sticky awesomeness does not discriminiate. Luckily for Vancouverites, amazing fried chicken is often just a few blocks away, from succulent breasts over fluffy waffles to addictive wings with pitchers of beer. Here we’ve got all your fried chicken cravings covered.


182 Keefer Street

A no-nonsense establishment in Chinatown, Juke features super juicy and tasty fried chicken, without any of the gimmicks or fusions that make up so much of Vancouver’s restaurant scene. Aside from straight-up chicken (starting at $9 CAD for three pieces), you can also get chicken sandwiches ($5 CAD) and chicken salad ($14 CAD). With a fun vibe, hipster location, good drinks, and heavenly chicken, you’ll never want to leave.


Ramen Gojiro

501 Dunsmuir Street

Situated smack bang in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, Ramen Gojiro is famed for its monstrous portions and intensely rich broth. Starting from $9.95 CAD, you can get a filling bowl of ramen garnished with a delicious piece of karaage (fried chicken) instead of the traditional chashu (pork). Surprisingly, the karaage gets tastier (and somehow not at all soggier) after being soaked in the broth. If it's just the chicken you're after, you can also order karaage on the side for $5.35 CAD.



1055 W Hastings Street | 2201 W 1st Avenue

If you just go to Chewie's for the seafood, you’re missing out on some of the best fried chicken in BC. Awarded first place in the 2015 Vancouver Fried Chicken Challenge, they go all out. Think crispy buttermilk skin drizzled with an addictive spicy-sweet Cajun honey sauce...the only thing that can stop you eating is stomach size. Happily, you can order it as a main course for dinner ($22 CAD) or order it with waffles during brunch ($15 CAD). Hurray for waffles anytime (or all the time)!


Tuc Craft Kitchen

60 W Cordova Street

I once told my best friend that I would gladly punch her in the face if it meant I could get more of Tuc Craft Kitchen’s delicious fried chicken. Yeah, now we're getting serious. A fashionable and lively restaurant in the historical Gastown district, their delicious chicken and waffles ($17 CAD), are only available at brunch. The crispy chicken breast pairs extremely well with both the dijon mustard dip and the hot sauce, while the crunch does us in for good. 


Zabu Chicken

1635 Robson Street

Fried chicken and beer has long been a trend in South Korean cuisine, and it’s only beginning to catch on in Vancouver. Unlike the crispy fried chicken versions mentioned above, Zabu’s chicken is more on the wet side. Available in a variety of flavours, ranging from honey sweet to hot and spicy, and all of them marry ridiculously well with a frothing mug of ice-cold beer. Starting from $8.95 CAD for six pieces, this place is ideal for larger groups.



3455 Fraser Street | 3420 Dunbar Street

Jethro’s is a popular American-style diner located outside of the city's Downtown hub, but is totally worth the trek. Their hot and piping chicken fried steak ($15 CAD) is slathered in a thick gravy sauce and garnished with egg. It also comes with buttered toast, which is absolutely divine when you eat it with the chicken (seriously, it's worth every single calorie). Some might think fried chicken with gravy is a bit too heavy for breakfast, so consider this our official application to claim the leftovers. 


Jam Cafe

556 Beatty Street

Situated right next door to the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station (so it's super easy to get to), Jam Cafe is decked out like a cutesy American-style diner with amazing fried food to boot, making it Vancouver's ultimate setting for comfort cuisine. Expect fried chicken delights with any of your favorite brunch dishes, like chicken french toast, fried chicken benedict or the classic chicken 'n' waffles. They come in massive portions too, so you can easily share with your brunch buddy. If you go for lunch instead, try adding fried chicken breast to the 'big jam salad' or try the 'buffalo blue chicken', with sugar-cured bacon and a blue cheese aioli. Get there early though as lineups to get in grow quickly.