Sore feet, a throbbing head, and eyes barely open, there’s no way you’re making food at home. The last thing you want to do after a long night is to put two ingredients together, so we’ve provided a list of places in Van to save you the trouble of searching for the perfect hangover restaurant.  


546 West Broadway Only a few steps from the SkyTrain, you can stumble into Yolks fairly easily after having one drink too many. Their menu is simple, straightforward, and perfect for shaking off the blur of the night before. As you can probably imagine, Yolks serves a variety of egg plates with delicious choices such as truffle-lemon hash browns, double-smoked bacon, honey ham, and Hollaindaise sauce. It opens at 8am on weekdays, 9am on weekends.


The Red Wagon

2296 E Hastings St With a menu jam-packed with stomach-pleasing breakfast options, The Red Wagon tends to get busy with hungry brunch-goers. You can satisfy your stomach with their well-known pulled pork pancakes. Fluffy, delicious, and filling, the pulled pork pancakes are topped with Jack Daniels maple syrup -  the exact combination required to cure a hangover. It opens at 8am on weekdays and 9am on weekends.


Jethro’s Fine Grub

3455 Fraser Street Who needs to head straight back downtown for breakfast when you can calm your throbbing head in the Riley Park area of Vancouver? The quiet neighbourhood is suited for people looking for a quick but filling bite to eat. Generous portions of fine grub (see what we did there?) are offered in perfectly seasoned dishes such as Gold Rush Pancakes with brown sugar and bananas, or if you’re feeling adventurous, their new fried alligator bites. It opens at 8am.


La Belle Patate

1215 Davie St There is no bad time to chow down on a poutine, so why not have one in the morning?  La Belle Patate  isn’t the most glamorous place, but a resto doesn’t need to be pretty to serve quality poutine. The delightful mix of fries, gravy, and cheese can be topped with your favorite protein to complete a dish you won’t regret. It opens at 11am every day.



1725 Davie Street With a special weekend brunch menu, Grotto delivers fantastic Italian food to nurse your stomach back to health. With a cozy wooden interior and incandescent lights, you will feel like you are in your own kitchen, but without the need to cook. Try your favorite breakfast foods: bacon, eggs, and hash browns scattered on top of crisp pizza dough in their delectable breakfast pizza. It opens at 10:30am.


Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

4989 Victoria Dr Everyone deals with hangovers differently, the the same goes for food choices. The variety of dim sum available for brunch at Western Lake is astounding and there is sure to be something to satisfy your post-drink cravings. Choose from spicy XO radish cakes to deep-fried pork-stuffed pastries to fill up your stomach. Even if you feel queasy, there is always the plainer option of congee to soothe your rumblings. It opens at 9am.

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